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Jonas Brothers Amp Hayden Panettiere To Present At Golden Globe Awards

They join previously announced presenters include Drew Barrymore Cameron Diaz Aaron Eckhart Jake Gyl... weiterlesen
13.1.09 07:31

Blake Lively Vs Jessica Simpson

Both have sported the designer stretch metallic look of delay. Meanwhile, Jessica Simpson, music car... weiterlesen
13.1.09 07:31

Tom Cruise Says That Scientology Cures Dyslexia

Es, but allows the child proper medical diagnosis. Here Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holme on a date (n... weiterlesen
13.1.09 07:31

Exclusive Quot Twilight Quot Star Robert Pattinson Drops Out Of Quot Parts Per Billion Quot

Now, however, have a lower Twilighters place where ll be able to find their loved RPattz: on the set... weiterlesen
13.1.09 07:32

Ellen Degeneres And Portia De Rossi

Ellen And Portia has done what no one dreamed of doing. After nearly four years of dating DeGeneres ... weiterlesen
13.1.09 07:32


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