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Ellen Degeneres And Portia De Rossi

Ellen And Portia has done what no one dreamed of doing. After nearly four years of dating DeGeneres and De Rossi tied the knot in an intimate ceremony at their home in Los Angeles, giving each other the title wife . The marriage has aroused many reactions, some positive, some very negative, but added a new chapter of marriages between persons of the same sex in the U.S. Of A..
13.1.09 07:32

Exclusive Quot Twilight Quot Star Robert Pattinson Drops Out Of Quot Parts Per Billion Quot

Now, however, have a lower Twilighters place where ll be able to find their loved RPattz: on the set of his next film. Following the massive surrounding the record box-office Twilight, Robert Pattinson mania has swept through Hollywood and charismatic Brit made one of his younger players demand. Her busy schedule has put on the covers of magazines and he has been touring all over the world and make public appearances crowds of turmoil.
13.1.09 07:32

Tom Cruise Says That Scientology Cures Dyslexia

Es, but allows the child proper medical diagnosis. Here Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holme on a date (note the quotation marks) in the paparazzi (let is true) to Nobu in Tribeca, New York. Just wondering. Tom has told a Spanish magazine (you know who fired this bullshit to the American public, because everyone has been made a LOON) XL Semanal that his dyslexia, which was diagnosed with a 7 years, was treated by his worship of Xenu..
13.1.09 07:31

Blake Lively Vs Jessica Simpson

Both have sported the designer stretch metallic look of delay. Meanwhile, Jessica Simpson, music career has been waiting to return for about seven years break, while his career has been very DOA. Blake Lively hit television series, Gossip Girl he returned from his nearly a month long holiday break tonight on CW, and not a moment too soon. However, these two can compete in a style battle with Nicole Miller dresses. Who wore it better? Tell us in the survey below.
13.1.09 07:31

Jonas Brothers Amp Hayden Panettiere To Present At Golden Globe Awards

They join previously announced presenters include Drew Barrymore Cameron Diaz Aaron Eckhart Jake Gyllenhaal Salma Hayek Blake Lively Jennifer Lopez Amy PoehlerandSeth Rogen. Young Hollywood is Zapping entertainment legends Sunday at The 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards, when the Jonas Brother and Heroes star Hayden Panettiere present awards next film directing legend Martin Scorsese.
13.1.09 07:31

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